Synth-ly Irresistable

I seem to be getting some new fans from the Summer Synthwave article I did for Bandcamp, so I figured this would be a good time to put together a round-up of the synthwave writing I’ve published on websites (can’t really link to my Perturbator and Gost reviews and features in the print edition of Decibel or my Neon Knights column there, but I can point you to their webstore.)

Speaking of Perturbator! I’ve written about him a lot (maybe more than any other artist). He was the first real synthwave/darksynth artist to capture my attention, outside of Zombi, and I’ve been a fan ever since Terror 404. Here’s an interview for Noisey: Music by Vice back in 2016. Earlier that same year, I previewed The Uncanny Valley for MetalSucks. I also reviewed his last EP, New Model, for Vehlinggo last year.

I’m a big fan of his tourmate/contemporary, the black metal-infuenced Gost, and interviewed him for Vice. Carpenter Brut, who put on a killer live show and have some pretty rad records to boot, round out my darksynth faves. I interviewed him for Decibel a couple years back and did a review of his/their latest album, Leather Teeth, for Metal Bandcamp.

As far as actual Bandcamp goes, I’ve penned a few articles on the subject for the venerable Bandcamp Daily. I’ve done a few thematic roundups, the most popular of which seems to be my piece on imaginary soundtracks. Along similar lines, I wrote a Halloween-friendly article on scary synthwave records. And on the flip side of that particular coin, here’s my latest, a look at summer synthwave jams. I’ve also featured several synthwave-heavy labels, NewRetroWave and Blood Music.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope you enjoy the articles, and maybe even find a few new favorites!

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