Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Part 3-D

It’s Halloween, indisputably the best day of the year! I’ve been posting all month about my love of horror movies, and since I cranked out a thousand-word appreciation on the new Halloween for the Deciblog yesterday, I figured I’d take it easy, eat some candy, and spam you guys with some of the articles I’ve done about Samhain and its attendant festivities.

First off, the aforementioned review of the new Halloween movie (spoiler: I liked it a lot). That’s actually my second movie review for the site this month — it turns out that I enjoy writing about the field I was trained in. Earlier in October, I posted my thoughts on Lords of Chaos. Not technically a horror film but with a lot of horror iconography (and horrific things happening), it’s a look at Norway’s infamous Black Circle in a way that’s friendly for folks not involved in the metal scene.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some suggestions for background music while throwing candy at trick-or-treaters, I got you covered. Here’s a list I did for Bandcamp of scary synth records. My similarly-themed list of imaginary soundtracks isn’t entirely horror, but there’s a fair deal of spook show sounds. And, if you feel like playing an appropriately-themed game, you have a few choices: the brutal role-playing game Xas Irkalla or the fun monster fighting card game Exceed: Seventh Cross.

I know that every day is Halloween, but today is actually Halloween, so have fun, be safe, and don’t get diabetes!

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